e-Marketing Program


This e-Marketing program is designed to help DMOs, DMCs, Suppliers or any demand parties to promote their destinations, products or properties to Chinese market through popular e-platforms in China in a continuous action.

The Good Go (website http://thegoodgo.com) targets on Chinese public audience and travelers, as well as the entire outbound travel trade in China, who can easily access to our website or mobile version or social media platform (WeChat or Weibo) to browse destination information.


What are they and look like?

WeChat combines features like those of Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Grubhub, Amazon, Apple Pay, Instagram, Uber, Twitter, and Venmo into the world’s single most dynamic and powerful APP, with Monthly Active Users (MAUs) over 930 million. In the mobile-first world of China, WeChat has built a ‘mobile lifestyle’ touching various aspects of users’ lives, with an average user opening WeChat 10 times a day and spending ~40 minutes per day.

Feature: private social networking, directly connecting between individuals, reaching to each other through Chatting, sharing in Moments (like Facebook Timeline), Circles or Groups. Allows long articles inserted with photo and video.


This short video helps much to know about WeChat functions: 

WeChat's Platforms for Businesses


Weibo: Chinese Twitter, with Monthly Active Users (MAUs) over 313 million.
Feature: public, reach more audience and faster, allow short threads with photos and video.




Quick facts:

According to tourism statistics released by the China National Tourism Administration, the number of Chinese citizens travelling abroad reached 62.03 million in the first half of 2017, 42% of them chose to travel with the group, and 58% chose to travel on their own.  US ranks the 2nd of the top 6 big destination countries in China market.


Number of China outbound travelers (in 100 million)


Percentage of group tours and self-guided tours of China outbound travel in 2016:

Self-guided tours was 70 million, 60%, while the group tours was 50 million, 40%:


Travel websites and blogs are the most important trip-planning resources for both independent and group Chinese travelers, followed by travel agents and tour guides in second place. More influencers on social media are also influencing people to travel on their own, too, and that’s having an effect on the younger segments.


Chinese tourists are known as ‘mobile wallets’. Reports released in 2016 that USA was within the top 10 China's total tourists spent the most countries. The average spending was $900 per person. The influence of Chinese travelers is expected increase across the globe, and it's estimated that 192 million Chinese tourists will travel abroad annually by 2021, spending $457 billion in overseas markets.




Beijing WoRenXing (The Good Go) Business Co. Ltd. (北京我任行) is a sister company of China Visit Tour USA Inc. and China Visit Tour Inc. Canada. Its official website www.thegoodgo.com is hosted in China on the China Wide Web - a nation-wide on-line information service based in the Chinese language, utilizing state of art Internet and Intranet technology to deliver to targeted subscribers the latest sought-after information and exclusive market intelligence. China Wide Web is much more than just the equivalent to or the extension of the World Wide Web. 

Our e-Marketing service is combination of using website (including mobile version), social media (WeChat and Weibo) and other public e-platforms and channels. We focus on audience traveling from China to North America.

We target and reach out to:
• Public audience of Chinese travelers (FIT) to North America;
• Outbound tour operators and Corporate travel organizers in China.

We promote and recommend:
• Tourism Promotion Authorities on the National, Regional and Local Levels in North America (DMO, DMC);
• The tourism suppliers in North America, including attractions/sightseeing, accommodations, events, cruises, railways, airlines, local transportation providers, and any organizations who like to be promoted directly into Chinese market.

Our service includes:


Contact us for quotes and samples: jason@chinavisittour.com


Younger Chinese generation travelers prefer to self-guided travel-style, and they know how to shop.



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